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Problem: Devaluating perceptions of fiber art from indigenous communities. Lack of representation due to the western-centric contemporary markets.  

Our Response: Collaborate with ancient masters from indigenous communities to share their artistic knowledge that has been the cornerstone fo many recognised artists.

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Muk was launched in 2018 in London collaborating with artists from Afghanistan, Mexico, Japan, India, Morrocco,  Peru and Guatemala. Muk proposes a new discourse around the making of textiles to bridge the gap between this profound mode of expression and the contemporary art and design market.

Opening a new conversation around the artistic value of textile making by giving a voice to the hands that have carried the knowledge behind this form of art.


Our ultimate goal with Muk is to collaborate with the represented artists in order to co-create projects that preserve the value and culture of this form of making while fostering economic development for their communities.

This mode of expression has existed for many centuries and it is being lost at a fast pace. By loosing this we would not only loosing artistic and cultural heritage but we would also be pushing a considerable amount of rural communities to poverty.

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