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B-Corp Services 

We provide B Corp-related services and take companies through the B Lab framework to help them measure their impact and obtain a certification that allows them to build credibility, trust, and value for your business while becoming part of a global community.

Project Design & Management

As a Lab conformed mainly by social entrepreneurs we are passionate about designing and implementing social innovation and disruptive ideas.


We believe in the power of combining design thinking with a lean and agile approach. For this we always build, measure and improve.


Artist Painting a Mural
Dandelion Parachute Seed

Social & Environmental Consulting

We helps businesses navigate an increasingly turbulent world by creating more resilient and sustainable strategies. We always start with a white mind, no preconception of how to 'solve' the challenge. Through this we manage to create a be-spoke service for our partners.


We help them design or improve their current social and environmental strategies by using the multidisciplinary skills and backgrounds of the Team. 

In a nutshell: we enable change-makers to build sustainable social strategies and create an ecosystem that supports social innovation.

Tracking & Measuring Impact

What is impact if we do not measure it? 


The tracking and measurement of the social change is one of the most important activities in order to have a successful impact strategy.


We measure impact through an impact statement and a clear impact-driven, stakeholder-focused strategy. We safeguard the integrity of the process by designing specific metrics depending the nature of the problem and solution our partners are working towards.

Tape Measuring
Kids Reading Book in Park


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