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Impulsium Lab is a purpose-driven consultancy with a global network of experts committed to creating transformative social change. We provide services in the social, public and private sectors to deliver solutions and programs that maximise social and environmental investment.

Our design and innovation approach stands in the intersection between empathy and creativity.


Our practice is centered in bringing ideas to life and changing old ways to improve lives for the better. 


Ladder Against Blue Wall


We are bold

To do our job well we have to be awake and always alert to new ideas. We’re not afraid to look at the world with fresh eyes, challenge how it works and find new ways of doing things.

We deliver

We know complex problems can’t be solved just by talking about them. To make change happen we have to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in. We dive in the problem and seek new ways of making change happen.

We care

All of our work is based on the principle of acting with integrity. Not only towards our clients and partners but also between the team. 

We work for the common good. That means we have a great responsibility to each other, the people we work with and the people whose lives are affected by our work.

We learn

We explore and learn from others. We research and test out our ideas thoroughly, and we always take time to reflect and change what we do if it’s not working.

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