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B Corp Services

B Corps are for-profit companies who meet social and environmental standards. They are assessed in four key areas – community, employees,  governance and environment.



What We Do

Impulsum Lab provides support for companies throughout the B Corp certification process. We understand what it takes to become certified, the legal and operational requirements, and what it means to operate responsibly.

We provide end-to-end support to clients by helping them with the B Impact Assessment, evaluating their performance metrics and advising on improvements. This will help minimise the operational costs of certification, which commonly outweigh the B Corp certification fee.

For clients wanting to take matters into their own hands, we also advise on the process and key components of the B Corp certification. This helps make the right decisions early on to improve your social, environmental and economic performance, and ensure you're on track to tick all the boxes.

It's Not Just Branding...

While we think that becoming a B Corp is the right thing to do, it is more than just branding. By becoming a B Corp, companies signal to consumers that they care about people and the planet, but that the process of certification opens doors for them to actually lead on sustainability.

Becoming a B Corp is not only about managing and reporting CSR data. It is about understanding your supply chains, products, workers and consumers from a new perspective. 

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