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Work with sustainable champions to reach your goals 

Impulsum Lab is a purpose-driven sustainability consultancy with a global network of experts committed to creating transformative social change. We provide sustainability consultancy services in the social, public and private sectors to deliver solutions and programs that maximise social and environmental investment.

Through our work with companies and stakeholders, we aim to contribute towards sustainable economic development and reducing our clients' impact on the planet as a whole. We provide expert consultancy services for B Corp & Net Zero, as well as helping businesses build sustainability strategies.


Our practice is centred in bringing ideas to life and changing old ways to improve lives for the better. 

Our Values


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To do our job well we have to be awake and always alert to new ideas. We’re not afraid to look at the world with fresh eyes, challenge how it works and find new ways of doing things.



We know complex problems can’t be solved just by talking about them. To make change happen we have to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in. We dive in the problem and seek new ways of making change happen.


Our work is based on the principle of acting with integrity, not only towards our clients and partners but also between the team. We work for the common good. That means we have a great responsibility to each other, the people we work with and the people whose lives are affected by our work.


We explore and learn from others. We research and test out our ideas thoroughly, and we always take time to reflect and change what we do if it’s not working.

Meet the Team

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Ben Berger

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Ben is a B Leader, social entrepreneur, UNESCO Youth Leader and 30 Under 30 Changemaker, working on projects in education and sustainability. He is the Founder and Executive Director of The Kindness School Foundation, a social enterprise working with over 3,000 primary school teachers around the world on making social-emotional learning and Global Citizenship education a core part of their curriculum. As a B Leader, Ben also supports for-profit companies to attain B Corp status by providing end-to-end support throughout the certification process.

Pauline Tainton

Pauline Tainton

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Pauline is an Affiliated B Leader, marketer, business developer who has been working in the sustainability sector. Introduced to the B Corp movement in 2019, she realised she wanted to work with like-minded purpose-driven companies and help them pursue their sustainability goals. As a B Leader, Pauline helps for-profit companies gain the B Corp status by supporting them along their journey to certification. In addition, she also is an expert in the ISO 14001 Standard, a globally recognized environmental management system.


Luisa Martinez Zarate

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Luisa has been recognized as a '30 under 30 changemaker' due to her involvement in a wide variety of social and economic development projects. As the Social Innovation Manager at ILUMEXICO, a renowned social enterprise that tackles poverty through solar energy, she developed diverse initiatives that were recognized by the Canada Fund and Facebook  Building for the Masses Program. As a social entrepreneur herself, she supports organizations in the consolidation of their impact strategies and projects to be aligned with their mission and long-term goals.

Florine Beukers.jpeg

Florine Beukers

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Florine is an innovation and sustainability consultant based in Geneva. She has 8 years of experience in innovation, design thinking, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability. With a passion for empowering organizations, she offers tailored strategies for positive change and sustainable growth.

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