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ImpulsumLab helps companies reach their sustainable goals 

We’re helping transform the business community into a force for good: join us in the shift.

Our B Corp, Net Zero and Sustainability experts will help you achieve your impact goals. We will create a bespoke action plan for your ESG journey with a focus on continuous improvement. We understand the challenges you face – we’ve been there – and we’ll be your partner for change.

Fists in Solidarity

What We Do

Develop a Sustainability Strategy

Creating a strong strategy for addressing social and environmental concerns, we enhance your ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance by implementing a continuous plan of effective enhancements, enabling you to successfully transition towards a more sustainable future.

Become a

Certified B Corp

We support for-profit companies by taking them through the B Corp certification process. We help them measure their impact and obtain a certification that allows them to build credibility and trust among customers, employees and suppliers.

Reach your

Net Zero Goals

We provide assistance in reducing carbon emissions by ensuring that your selected pathway towards achieving Net Zero aligns with a comprehensive ESG action plan. This strategic approach will support and facilitate your transition towards a more sustainable future.

Learn from our clients


"Having Impulsum Lab as a partner was invaluable during the startup phase of Capsule. It allowed us to grow within the B Corp framework and place environmental, social and governance (ESG) at the core of our processes. It provided much needed guidance and support at a critical stage of our development."

Dorian Zanker, Capsule


"Working with Impulsum Lab on the co-facilitation of the Swiss Triple Impact (STI) programme has brought an additional lens to the workshops, by helping participants understand the pathways of implementing sustainability strategies within their business."

Jonathan Normand, Founder & CEO at B Lab Switzerland

„Working with Impulsum Lab really helped us understand the B Impact Assessment and the Impact Business Models that apply to us. It helped as grow as a business and how we can work with our suppliers to increase our impact.“


Jamie Palmer, Co-Founder & CEO, Social Supermarket

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